The Wall Street Journal

America’s Most Trusted Newspaper
A Reuters Institute/YouGov poll ranked The Wall Street Journal “America’s Most Trusted Newspaper” for 2018. I was asked to “do something quickly” for a corner digital OOH unit at 34th and 7th Avenue to celebrate the news. While I never got a photo of it, we ran the same thing in the WSJ print edition. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director/Writer


See Where The Money Leads: A digital/social campaign

Digital films
The Wall Street Journal’s business is reporting about business. For this reason, their stories often come about by uncovering transactions, data, and money trails. Before the Stormy Daniels story took on a life of its own, it was the WSJ who first broke the story by finding the trail of hush payments to her and Karen McDougal. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director/co-Writer


Social/Paid units
The social posts and paid units were made by our the agency’s production group housed within Dow Jones/WSJ. // Role: Creative Director

Inside Opinion: A short film about The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Page
What makes Opinion different from News? This was the brief we were asked to answer in this documentary short film. Told over the course of a day, we follow five members of the Opinion staff, including Editor Paul Gigot, as they take us through how their stories are shaped by research, facts, and hard work. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director/co-Writer