Monster // Broadcast

Some broadcast we made for Monster. The first one was a Super Bowl spot. The agency-wide brief was: "Don't be funny" which, for a Super Bowl assignment, was questionable. But this was the winner. The next one – a :30 with a :15 follow-up – was presented at the same time and they liked it enough to make it a few months later, when they realized that funny was better. // Role: Art Director


Canon Powershot // Broadcast

When I began working on Canon, Maria Sharapova was the spokesperson but was used as little more than a celebrity to hold the camera. We found out that she had a pet Pomeranian, named Dolce, and used her relationship with Dolce as a narrative tool for why she loves taking pictures. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director

VIXIA Camcorder // Cinema

At the time, Canon's VIXIA camcorders had the best picture of any compact handheld. But how do you show that in a commercial, where the image looks only as good as someone's TV screen (which is often pretty bad)? We shot these entirely on the VIXIA and ran them as fake movie trailers in theaters, where on the big screen the picture would either look great, or die trying. And they looked great. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director