Poems made from mashing up various friends' Facebook statuses.
In nearly every instance, each line came from a different status update.

Not too shabby

Dawn patrol
Goes back to school today.
New enriched air instructors
Getting ready for school picture day.
It’s a good thing.
We have company.
George Clinton lives in Monticello by the way.
Not too shabby.


Who, me???
Glory be.
Finally I look like a pregnant woman.
I sense jealousy.

Must be Spring!

Welcome Moses Maverick!
Come in out of the rain for a drink and some crab cakes
at our fabulous tavern!
What do you do if you move to another country? 

Yummy morning Shubie snack while getting my bagel...
Finally finished the refinish of the flagpole...
Are you doing your best to recycle?

All Town fields are closed...
New Glover School at bat...
Turf at Piper has passed...
The Carnival is back.

Lost another big willow at Seaside Park in the heavy
winds late Saturday night... Bummer..
Hopefully this is the only rain
that they see all week!

Play Ball!... Must be spring! 
This "water crisis" needs a name.

More weekend fun!
Wednesday Night Racing has begun...
Look at Seaside and tell me it can't be done...
Are you running?

Nice desk at the intersection of Beacon and Norman...

How do we get this to happen more often???

Bonjour, Bangalore

Missed you - flew back this morning....
I have been such a bad friend!
It's been years since the last time I was in San Antonio.
Don't want to go home...
Bonjour, Bangalore.

It's our time

Ever have a feeling that something is looming?
It is coming fast. The end of an era!
It's their time - up there. 
But it's our time - IT'S OUR TIME - down here!
I don't know what happens next...

He was a legend

Storyteller puppeteer extraordinaire
He was a legend in my days
Pirate with subway car
He was "troubled"

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes.
Wait a sec, GREENBERG! Where the EFF is my CAKE?
Let's make this cake happen.

Sasquatch in the city

Stumbled into a lesbian
Ready for the Princess Party.
Sasquatch in the city
What a beauty.


Rose is done

Hello Fall
Fall has sprung
Tonight is the night
Camping 1500 feet above ground
The summit!
2 birds...1 stone...
It’s a double rainbow
Rose is done

What went Wong?

Why does my toddler reek of cologne?
Cinco de mayo or just another day at the office, girl?
Is it just me or does it look like eminem got some work done?
Does anyone know what the strippers are biting at right now?

Ever have a feeling that something is looming?
How come I never hear the fog horn anymore?
Isn't electrical fencing supposed to be easy?
What went Wong?

I don't know what happens next...1, 2 and 3 have significant legal ramifications.