Canon Powershot // Broadcast, Print & Cinema

When we took over this campaign, Maria Sharapova was the spokesperson, but one without any real connection to the camera. So we decided to give her a story – a reason why she carries her camera everywhere. We discovered that she has a real-life Pomeranian named Dolce, so we used the dog as the center – and in round two, the foil – of her fabulous life. The print focused more on specific camera features. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director




VIXIA Camcorder

At the time, Canon's VIXIA camcorders had the best picture of any compact handheld. But how do you show that in a commercial, where the image looks only as good as someone's TV screen (which is often pretty bad)? We shot these entirely on the VIXIA and ran them as fake movie trailers in theaters, where on the big screen the picture would either look great, or die trying. And they looked great. // Role: Creative Director/Art Director