B2B work

Everything here was done for real clients. Some of it got produced, some was pitch work and didn’t get produced.


I did this work for Dell China. They liked it enough to invite us to pitch their medical business.

Dell pitch. This is just one small piece of the pitch work.


This was part of Accenture’s launch of their brand work. I made all of this as a freelancer and left before knowing if any of it got produced.


DYMO's bread and butter is their label makers. We were asked to have fun with this project, so we focused on the importance of proper labeling.

The Sage Group

These are tactical ads targeting accountants who consult businesses.


Oce, a documents management systems company, was bought by Canon. The brief was to showcase how Canon and One are evolving printing technology, and how their strengths complement each other for the good of businesses. The visual approach was to incorporate abstract colors, lights and movement that invokes the digital printing medium.


DHL has long been the official logistics/transporter for F1. Moving the entire operation from race to race, country to country is a massive undertaking. And the DHL people who work in this field are F1 fanatics. At the time, there were 11 F1 teams, so we positioned DHL as the "12th team". Like many good ideas, this got trimmed and trimmed until we made a one-off spot featuring one of the DHL guys.

DHL has people in all around the world who are experts in trade lanes - that is, how to work with local governments to move shipments the fastest way. We did a bunch of these but this is all I had.